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This new Brad Paisley song cracks me up.  I found the video on youtube. 


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Where to start?  Sorry I have neglected this blog for several weeks.  There has been a lot of things happen which have kept me very busy both personal issues and with my other hobby websites.  The Utah Division of Wildlife forum met it’s demise.  I helped out as a volunteer moderator for a couple of years there.  During that time I learned many things and developed some great friendships.  I was interviewed by the newspaper about the events,   “Closing of DWR’s sometimes raucous online forums comes as no surprise“. 

The decision to pull the forums was made difficult for DWR officials because they account for the vast majority of visits to the site. Karpowitz said there will be a revised format for public comments on the site in the future.
The volunteer moderators did not want to wait for edited and state-controlled content. They prefer open discussion, even if it does get heated at times, and have revised the forums in a similar format at a new site – utahwildlife.net – with no ties to the state.
“We hope a lot of the people from the forums will find their way to our site so we can continue where we left off,” said Rod Ashby, who served as a volunteer monitor on the DWR’s site and helped create the new forums. “A lot of good things come from the forums. We had a lot of ethical debates about how to handle certain situations. And, personally, I got to meet a lot of people I probably never would have met if it wasn’t for the forums.”
There are many anglers and hunters on forum pages who have met each other for fishing or hunting trips, and probably a few marriages came as a result of these chat rooms.
Ashby said he is working with the DWR to access the years of archived forums from the state Web site. Those will be posted at the new site once they are obtained.
“We will try to maintain the same atmosphere of promoting the ethics of hunting and fishing and the sharing of ideas,” Ashby said.

As the article mentioned we worked together and launched www.utahwildlife.net .  Many of the regular members who posted on the Division of Wildlife forums have joined up there.  Then I also launched another project which has been very fun so far www.utahbirddogs.com .  A forum for those interested in hunting with and training bird dogs. 

I am looking at getting back on track here with my blog.  Sorry I left it idle for so long.  I have some hunting adventures coming up.  Stay tuned……..

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